Egypt Jan 25 and US statements

I would really wish to understand why the hell is the United States president Obama and Hillary Clinton have no concern these days but the Egyptian revolution !!

I am not a politician. But as a normal citizen in the Arab world

I am wondering

  • What Role did Hosni Mubarak play in the region to protect US interests in the region?
  • What are those interests?
  • How important was his role to make US support him?
  • Why are the US governors worried from the change?
  • US governors don’t you have any important internal issues? Or the world is your internal issues? Since when did you become the world’s governors?
  • AS they say they are democrats … May I know what is the definition of the democracy as they see it?
  1. We all know that Hosni serves US more that Egypt, himself and any of his followers!
  2. US interests in the region are summarized by protecting Israel (the Israeli occupation in Palestine)
  3. The US president, said he supports Egypt people, but as he might know, they didn’t elect Mubarak, and there is no right for Mubarak to rule for 30 years! By any means! Nor by any constitution!
  4. I just heard the white house representative saying that they are concerned if Mubarak will leave,,, why are you guys worried? Are you afraid there will be a new governor who is finally concerned about his citizens and works hard to satisfy them and their requirements? Well the people has the right to have an acceptable living standard (if you don’t know what does that mean, just calculate the average income for an Egyptian and the average expenses for him/her just to eat and rent a room to live in, the result is the expenses are 5 times the income, poverty, hunger and having no medicine are waaaay below human living standards….but do you want Egyptians to remain living like that forever? Or otherwise they will start thinking about culture, politics and the threatening occupation next to their borders?
  5. Now I know for well that US has dozens of internal problems, just an example the economic crisis, the unemployed, increase in drug dealers numbers and drug consumption … etc. as far as I know America is not living is bliss! Why don’t you think it is OK for any country to discuss that while it is OK for you to interfere in any internal issue anywhere in case it threatens your interests
  6. I would really wish to understand how they define democracy… starting from an explanation of why the hell do they give themselves some rights that they deny to others!!




تونس كانت اخر ما اتوقع فعلا !!

كنت بقول فعقلي اكيد كم يوم و حتخلص و تروق و يرجع الحال زي ما كان
بصراحة مش قادرة احس زي بقية الناس ان الثورة اطاحت بزين العابدين !!
يمكن انا مش مستوعبة او مش قادرة افهم

بس احساسي انه هو استسهل و قال بلا وجع دماغ اللي نهبته يعيشني زي الفل لاخر عمر ولاد ولادي
و يولعو كلهم و تونس معاهم !

عندي كذا علامة استفهام و تعجب و عندي احساس انه اللي جاي مش مفهوم لتونس
و مش قادرة احس بالفرحة لاني خايفة من اللي جاي و مستنية نتيجة الايام الجاية

بوعزيزي حالة خاصة و زين العابدين مش زي غيره و كل شعب و سياسة "قائده" مختلفة

عشان هيك مخنوقة من الحريقة بارتي اللي مش حتوصل غير لوفاة اصحابها !

لكل شعب شرارة ثورة خاصة و متطلبات مختلفة و ظروف معينة
يمكن فعلا تكون بداية للتغيير و يمكن تكون مرحلة جديدة فتونس فقط

الايام جاي و بكرة بيدوب التلج و بيبان المرج

Meaning of being brave and strong